Spanish Residency

Financial & Tax Consultation

If you want to understand the tax implications of being resident in Spain, our financial and tax consultation is precisely what you need.

What will the financial & tax consultation cover?

You tell us about your situation and plans and then we’ll give you a clear insight into your position as a tax resident in Spain.

Examples of how you can benefit from our Spanish Residency Financial & Tax Consultation

  • Understand how tax in Spain will affect you as a resident in Spain
  • Find out what you can do to limit Spanish tax before moving to Spain
  • Get answers to your questions from qualified professionals
  • Know your fiscal obligations and make sure that you have met them
  • Find out what you need to do if you’ve missed any tax deadlines
  • Learn about things you can do to limit the tax you pay in Spain
  • Get a clear picture of your situation and planning opportunities
  • Essential if you have recently taken up residency in Spain or are planning to
  • Avoid making mistakes and make sure you do things correctly

All the professionals you need

If your situation requires more detailed assessment or your need further consultation or advice, our panel of professionals includes, Spanish Lawyers, Tax Adviser & Accountants as well as UK qualified Financial Advisers specialised in change of residency financial and tax planning.

How is the consultation completed?

The Consultation can be face to face, by telephone / WhatsApp or via your preferred online meeting application, Teams, Zoom Skype etc, and will last up to 1 hour.

You complete a pre-consultation questionnaire to provide our advisers with the background information about your situation and financial set up.  You can also detail any specific points that you wish to cover, or any specific areas of concern that you would like to focus on.

The information that you provide will be reviewed by a consultant prior to your meeting.  We then provide initial feedback, consultation brief, confirm the consultation fee and arrange your meeting.

Spanish Residency Financial & Tax Consultation Report

All points from the brief will be discussed in your consultation, and questions asked will either be answered, or noted to be addressed after your consultation in the report that we provide.

Following your consultation, your consultant provides a written report summarising points discussed and the answers they gave to your questions.  They will refer to the relevant professional adviser for answers to any points that were outside of their scope.

The Spanish residency financial and tax consultation report, is your personalised reference point for your financial and tax planning in Spain, and an essential starting point when transitioning to Spanish tax residency.  To get started click on the tab below and complete the questionnaire.

Spanish Residency

Financial & Tax Consultation Questionnaire

The initial review of the information and feedback is free of charge.  Consultation fees start at £249 / €295+IVA.

You can also fill in a short form (below) if you’d prefer to just send us a summary of your situation for an initial review

Free No Obligation Initial Review