Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa for UK British Nationals

The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa offers residency to British nationals who have the financial means to support themselves without working.  The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa scheme is therefore ideal if you are retired or have passive income, for example from a portfolio of properties or other investments.  The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa allows full-time residency in Spain with an expectation of a minimum of 6 months residence maintained.

What does the Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa Offer UK British Nationals?

The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa gives permission to reside in Spain for up to 5 years, providing ongoing eligibility requirements continue to be met.  The TIE, tarjeta de identidad de extranjero is the residency card that is issued.  The TIE is initially valid for 1 year, and can be renewed twice for 2 years at a time.  When 5 years of full-time residency has been completed, permanent residency can be applied for.

A Visa for Full-Time Living in Spain

The Non-Lucrative Visa is intended for people who want to live in Spain full-time.   Time spent in Spain does not count towards the Schengen limit, so travel in the rest of the Schengen area up to 3 months out of 6 months, is also still possible.

Spouse or legal partner, children under 18 years and dependent ascendants can also obtain residency in Spain under the Non-Lucrative Visa scheme.  This of course providing there are sufficient financial means to support all applicants.

Unlike the ‘Golden Visa‘, there is a minimum amount of time that must be spent in Spain to be able to renew residency, so it may be not ideal for holiday home owners who want to spend more than 3 months in one go in Spain, but typically spend less than 6 months altogether, e.g. 5 months over the winter.

How does a British UK National Apply for a Non-Lucrative Visa & Residency?

British nationals who wish to get a Non-Lucrative Visa, must apply for it at the Spanish Consulate in the UK, or if they reside in another country, through the consulate of that country.  Once the visa has been approved, it’s valid for 90 days from the date of issue.  During this time the holder must travel to Spain and apply for their residency card or TIE tarjeta de identidad de extranjero.  The application for the TIE, must be made within 30 days of arrival in Spain.

Applications for the Non-Lucrative Visa cannot be presented by a legal representative and must be applied for in person.  There is an application fee of £516.

Summary of Non-Lucrative Visa General Requirements

The Non-Lucrative visa applicant must:

● Have a valid passport with at least 1 year before expiry
● Not have entered or stayed illegally in Spanish territory
● Not have been refused entry in any of the 26 Schengen countries
● Have sufficient financial means to cover personal and family living costs (€27,000 for the applicant plus €7,000 for each dependent family member)
● Be 18 years or over, with no criminal record in Spain nor in the countries where they have resided in the previous 5 years
● Have access to public healthcare, or private health insurance with an insurer authorised to operate in Spain

You can read more about the costs and requirements in our article Understanding the Requirements and Costs for British Nationals to Get Spanish Residency

FAQS About the Non-Lucrative Visa for Spanish Residency for British Nationals


No, the non-lucrative residency visa does not allow the holder to carry on any business activity whilst in Spain


Savings may be taken into account in lieu of income, or to ‘top up’ a shortfall in the minimum required amount.  Savings must be sufficient to cover the minimum income requirement for the duration of the residency.  E.g. for 5 years residency with savings only requires savings of 5 times €27,000.


Non-lucrative residency is intended for people that want to live in Spain for 6 months or more.  If the minimum amount of time has not been spent in Spain, the residency renewal may be turned down.  The 183 day rule is the starting measure for determining tax residency.  You are deemed to be a Spanish tax resident if you spend 183 days or more in Spain during any one calendar year.  You would also be deemed to have change your country of habitual residence, and therefore fiscal residence if for example you spent 180 days in Spain, 120 in the UK and the other 65 in another, or other countries.


Non-lucrative residency can lead to permanent residency in Spain.  To obtain permanent residency the holder of the visa must prove effective residence (more than 183 days per year) throughout a qualifying period of 5 years.


The Spanish Consulates in the UK give a timescale of 3 months.  Having assisted with multiple non-lucrative visa applications through all the Consulates, we have found they typically take 2 to 3 weeks from date of submission to be approved.  If applications have queries raised or additional information requested, then they will of course take longer.

If you need more information or advice about getting a Non-Lucrative Visa for residency in Spain, or would like to employ the services of a professional company that specialises in Spanish residency visas, we’ll be glad to assist.  Please get in touch.

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