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Residency Legal Services

Professional visa and residency services for British Nationals and other English speaking citizens of EU and non-EU countries.

Aside from being professionally qualified, our immigration and residency specialists, have decades of experience, giving them an in-depth working and practical knowledge of application of rules and the bureaucratic processes and procedures. 

This enables us to provide an exceptional service to assist you with your transition to Spain and obtaining Spanish residency.   

Whether you are are a citizen of an EU country applying for a residency certificate, or a national of a third country requiring a visa and to apply the TIE (tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero), we have the expertise to assist you gaining residency. 

The experience of our Residency Legal Services team, coupled with our online processes and efficient administration team, makes the immigration aspect of your transition to Spain a straight forward and hassle free experience.

From initial information answering your first queries, to consultation and advice on your planned residency, we cover whatever your situation requires.  Handling of the administrative side of things is a given.  Our services cover amongst other:

  • Helping you plan your change of residency
  • Handling visa and residency applications
  • Guidance and advice on fiscal residency

We specialise in visa and residency applications for UK nationals, and residency for non-EU family members.

Immigration Law
Golden Visa Costa del Sol

The Investor ‘Golden’ Visa, is a straightforward way to obtain Spanish residency.  To qualify you make an investment into either Spanish real estate assets, companies, government debt, or an approved business venture.  The entry level qualifying criteria is a €500,000 investment into real estate.

The Investor ‘Golden’ Visa, not only gives you the choice to reside in Spain, it also allows you to unlimited travel in the Schengen area, so there’s no need to apply for a different Visa’s.

Spouse or legal partner and dependent family members can be covered by the Investor ‘Golden’ Visa.

The Investor ‘Golden’ Visa is a work authorisation as well as a residency permit.

We assist with every aspect of the Investor ‘Golden’ Visa and related residency permit application, enabling you to obtain ‘Golden’ Visa residency quickly and efficiently.

The Spanish Non-Lucrative Residency Visa offers residency to British Citizens and other nationals of non-EU countries, who have the financial means to support themselves without working.  The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa scheme is ideal if you are retired or have passive income, for example from a portfolio of properties or other investments.  The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa allows full-time residency in Spain with an expectation of a minimum of 6 months residence maintained.

EU Citizen Spanish Residency Services Costa del Sol

Residency for EU Citizens

All EU and EEA (European Economic Area) citizens and their family members have the right to visit, live or work in Spain.  A Spanish residency certificate confirms your status as a resident in Spain. For stays of up to 3 months there is no need to register or obtain any Spanish documentation unless you are going to be working, or for example buying a property, in which case you’ll need an NIE.  After that period, or if you intend to stay more than 3 months, you must register as a resident.

The issue of the residency  certificate ‘certificado de residencia‘, is controlled by the National Police, (Cuerpo Nacional de Policia).  We can assist you in obtaining yours.

Other Residency Legal Services

We provide and arrange a host of other services related to Spanish residency directly and through our specialist relocations and general services departments.

Power of Attorney

Appoint a legal professional to act on your behalf for anything from applying for residency to buying a property

Non-EU Family Member Residency

Apply for Spanish residency for  a spouse or civil partner, children or other family member dependants who are part of your household.


Tax Residency planning & Advice

Plan for Spanish tax residency.  Understand Spanish taxation, minimise your tax liabilities and be tax efficient in Spain.

The Digital Nomad Visa and Teleworkers Residency is for remote workers who want to live in Spain and work for a foreign company.

TIE Foreigners Identification Card

All citizens of third countries must obtain a TIE foreigners identity card once their residency has been approved.  We assist with obtaining the TIE.