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Digital Nomad Visa for Non-EU Remote Workers in Spain

The Digital Nomad Visa is now available in Spain following the passing of the new Startups Law, ‘Ley de Startups‘.  This visa which allows the holder to live in Spain and work remotely or online, can be applied directly in Spain, or via the Spanish Consulate in the country in which you currently reside.

To get a Digital Nomad Visa, applicants must have sufficient funds to support themselves, proof they can work remotely from Spain, and must already have been working in their current ‘remote worker’ employment or self-employment prior to applying.

Holders of the Digital Nomad Visa are eligible for a special income tax rate fixed at 24% for the first 5 years, offering higher earners reduced income tax compared to normal residents.

The Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

This Digital Nomad Visa opens up Spanish residency to a whole new demographic of people who until now have not been able to live and work in Spain.  The Digital Nomad Visa and residency, is open non-resident individuals who work remotely either for themselves, or for non-Spanish companies, and is aimed primarily at people from non-EU countries, such as the UK and USA.

With the passing of the ‘Ley de Start Ups‘ the requirements for the Digital Nomad Visa have published.  The general residency application criteria apply which are that you must;

  • be 18 years or over
  • have a valid passport with at least 1 year before expiry
  • not have entered or stayed illegally in Spanish territory or be barred from entry to Spain
  • not have been refused entry or barred from any of the 26 Schengen countries
  • have sufficient financial means to cover personal and family living costs
  • not have a criminal record in Spain or any countries lived in, in the last 5 years
  • have access to pubic healthcare, or private health insurance through an insurer authorised to operate in Spain providing the equivalent to state healthcare

In addition to these general requirements Digital Nomad Visa applicants must not have been resident in Spain in the last 5 years, and demonstrate that they have been working remotely.  Applicants therefore need to provide the following relating to their work:

  • Contract of employment or, if freelancing, proof of regular and ongoing contracting with a company outside of Spain.
  • Evidence that the company they work for have been trading for at least a year, or if self-employed, that they have been so for at least a year
  • Proof that their work can be carried out remotely including confirmation from the employer or professional client

Any contractual work, employed or self-employed must have been in existence for at least three months prior to the visa application.  Freelancers must have a professional relationship with at least one company outside Spain and proof that the arrangement is remote working.

Applying For The Digital Nomad Visa

Applications for the Digital Nomad Visa are handled by the same Government Agency that processes Golden Visas.  This means that this visa can be applied for either directly in Spain, or if you are unable to travel to Spain, through the Spanish Consulate in the country where your currently live.  You can apply in person or appoint a legal representative to submit the application on your  behalf.

If applying in Spain, the application can be processed on line.  The Digital Nomad Visa is fast track, so the application approval time if all is present and correct, should be within 20 days.

If you apply for your Digital Nomad Visa through the Spanish Consulate in your country, you will be issued with a one year residency visa.  At the end of that visa, you will be able to apply for a  Digital Nomad residency permit.   When you apply in Spain, you are not issued a visa, rather granted a residency permit straight away.  Once Digital Nomad Visa residency permit has been approved, you apply for a Forigners ID Card (Tarjeta de Indentidad de Extranjero TIE).

The Digital Nomad Visa is live and you can start your application now.    If you would like to check your eligibility for the visa or register your interest our Digital Nomad Visa service, please complete our  Digital Nomad Visa Assessment Questionnaire.

Digital Nomad Visa FAQ’s

Is the Digital Nomad Visa Available Now?

Yes.  The Ley de Start Ups was passed with a majority vote and approved on the 23rd of December, 2022.

Who is the Digital Nomad Visa for?

This visa is designed for non-resident individuals who wish to work remotely from Spain.   This would include teleworkers, freelance consultants and anyone employed by a company outside of Spain, that them do their job remotely while living in Spain.

Does Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa Offer a Tax Advantage?

This depends on your financial circumstances.  The special fixed 24% rate of tax applies to income earned outside of Spain up to €600,000 per year.  For anyone earning €40,000 or more, this will be advantageous.  Six figure Digital Nomad Visa workers, will pay considerably less income tax than their counterparts who hold normal residency.  The tax rate from €600,000 upwards is 47%.

Do I have to be a National of a Third Country to get a Digital Nomad Visa?

No.  Whilst Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa is aimed at non-EEA nationals, Spanish Citizens who have not been resident in Spain for at least five years are also eligible.

Does the Digital Nomad Visa Extend to Family Members?

Yes, as with other types of residency and visas, non-Spanish nationals applying for the Digital Nomad Visa can include dependent immediate family members such as their spouse and children, providing they have the sufficient financial means to to support them.

Which Family Members Can Be Included on the Digital Nomad Visa?

A legal partner (married spouse or civil partner) and children under 18 are eligible to be dependent family member applicants.  Children over 18 may also be included if you can prove that they live with and are financially dependent on you.

What are the Financial Means That Are Needed for the Digital Nomad Visa?

You need to have at least €28,000 per annum income as the main applicant plus if applicable €7,000 for each dependent family member that is applying.

If you have more questions about your situation and the Digital Nomad Visa, please click on the link below and complete the questionnaire to get a free assessment.

Digital Nomad Visa Assessment

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