Exchanging Your Spanish Residency Certificate for the TIE for British UK Nationals

The TIE, Tarjeta de Indentidad de Extranjero, is the Spanish identification card for citizens from third countries (non-EU) who reside in Spain.  Since July 2020 British UK nationals moving to Spain have also had to apply for this card, as the UK is no longer in the EU.

If you already have a Spanish residency certificate, you do not have to apply for the TIE, but you can voluntarily exchange your certificate for the card.

Both the Spanish and UK Government websites and their Consulate pages confirm that the green residency certificate, A4 and credit card sized remain valid for UK nationals and prove the holders residency and retained rights under the withdrawal agreement, having settled in Spain before the UK left the EU.  However considering the issues some have encountered during the recent Covid19 travel restrictions, e.g. multiple incidences of authorities and airlines not understanding the rules and denying certificate holders entry to Spain, it is advisable to get the TIE.

Aside from this the card is a full bio-metric national ID card, therefore so much more useful than the paper certificate.  The card also has the words ARTICULO 50 TUE, a reference to note that the holder was resident in Spain before the end of the transition period and has retained rights.

The Residency Certificate TIE Exchange Application Process

The application process is relatively straight forward, and appointments are readily available in most areas at the Foreigners Offices and National Police Stations.

You need to have a pre-booked appointment.

You can make an appointment through the following link:


For your appointment you will need:

*Completed EX23 application form
*Your existing EU residency Card and a copy
*Passport and a copy ( a copy of your passport and the application is acceptable if you are in the process of renewing it)
*Small passport (carnet size) photo 32mmx28mm
*Recent padron (if you have changed address since you obtained your residency certificate)
*Modelo 790 form with 12 euros tax paid and stamped at the bank

When you present your application your fingerprints will be taken, and if everything else is in order, you will be given confirmation of your processed application and told to make an appointment to go back and collect your card in 5 to 6 weeks.  You may have to wait longer.

If you currently have a temporary residency certificate, your new TIE will be valid for 5 years.   You can apply to get a permanent one, either when you reach the 5 year anniversary of the date you got your residency certificate, or at the 5 year expiry of your TIE.

If you currently have a permanent residency certificate (with the word ‘permanente’), your new card will be issued for 10 years and thereafter is automatically renewable.  If you have held a temporary residency certificate for more than 5 years (but didn’t upgrade it to permanent), you may also be issued with a 10 year permanent TIE.

The TIE for British UK Nationals

Withdrawal Agreement TIE for British UK Nationals
The new Withdrawal Agreement TIE ‘tarjeta de idenitidad de extranjeros’ for British UK Nationals

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