TIE Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero

The TIE, Tarjeta de Indentidad de Extranjero, or foreigners ID card, is the Spanish identification card for citizens from third countries (non-EU) who reside in Spain.

Once you have arrived in Spain with the relevant visa or otherwise meeting the eligibility for Spanish residency, you can begin the process to apply for Spanish residency to get your ID card, ‘tarjeta de identidad de extranjero‘.

Applying for the TIE ‘Tarjeta de Indentidad de Extranjero’ Foreigners ID Card

The process has three parts.  In the first stage an application has to be presented to the Provincial Foreigners Office, along with supporting documentation.  The second stage is done at the National Police Station in the area that the applicant lives, and when the card is ready after a few weeks, it is collected from the police station .

The first stage can be done in person or by a representative either at the Foreigners office or online.  The second stage has to be done in person, as you have to verify your identity and provide fingerprints.  The whole process takes around 3 months.

The initial application can be presented in person or by an authorised representative, and can be done face to face at the Foreigners Office, or submitted online.  In most places, you have to call the foreign office to make an appointment to present your application.

The online submission system is works well, and the Foreign Office encourages the use of this system.  To submit your application you need to have a digital signature and certificate in place.  If you don’t have one, you can authorise someone else or a company to complete the online submission on your behalf.  This is done using the ‘Designacion de Represenante‘ form.

First Stage TIE Tarjeta de Indentidad de Extranjero Application & Documentation Required

The wide variances that exists from one town to the next regarding documents for EU residency certificate applications, does not apply to TIE applications, as all applications are processed at the provincial head office not at the Police Station closest to where you live.  This makes it a lot easier to assess and prepare applications, and provides a lot more consistency.

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To present the TIE application at the first stage the following is needed:

*Completed application form EX11


*Copy of valid passport / travel document and visa
*Proof of address in Spain


*Private medical insurance policy / certificate with proof of the last payment
*Proof of social security payments if employed or self employed

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Income / Proof of Financial Means

The exact documents required for proof of financial means varies depending on circumstances.  Any of the following as applicable may be required:

*Contract of employment
*Payslips or pension statements
*Bank statements 
*Investment statements
*Contract for rental property 

Dependant Applicants

*Birth certificate for child / dependant spouse applicants
*Marriage certificate / record of civil partnership for spouse / partner


Official translations of documents that are not in Spanish must be provided.

Additional documents to support your application

The Foreign Office when reviewing applications apart from checking that qualification and eligibility, may also request further information validating your arrival and situation in Spain.

When your application is received, a receipt will be issued confirming that it has been presented.  It will then be reviewed accordingly at the foreigners office.  If for any reason your application is not immediately accepted, 10 working days will be given to supply any additional information that may have been asked for to continue with the application.

Notification of the approval of your application will be sent within 3 months, and you have one month to make an appointment and complete the second stage application at the National Police Station.

Second Stage TIE Application

The second stage application process is relatively straight forward, and appointments are readily available in most areas at the Foreigners Offices and National Police Stations.

For your second stage application you need to have a pre-booked appointment.

You can make an appointment through the following link:


For your appointment you will need:

*EX17 application form
*Your first stage approval notice
*Passport and a copy ( a copy of your passport and the application is acceptable if you are in the process of renewing it)
*Small passport (carnet size) photo 32mmx28mm
*Current proof of address (padron)
*Modelo 790 form with €12 tax paid and stamped by the bank, or with payment receipt attached

When you present your application your fingerprints will be taken, and if everything else is in order, you will be given confirmation of your processed application and told to make an appointment to go back and collect your card in 5 to 6 weeks.

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